How it started

Why are we only watching while so many people are starving or do not having any possibility for education? Who am I in this world? What can I do to contribute? Do I even have the potential to change something?

We really don’t know- merely not nothing. And that’s how it started.

Some years ago, the Heinrich-family started to support several aid agencies. The „anonymity“ of these donations kept the wish open for congress and swap. By putting an exhibition of paintings from Evelin Seyffert- Heinrich in their car workshop Besemer in Neckartenzlingen Helga Besemer and Evelin Seyffert-Heinrich found each other as like-minded persons.

In 2005 Karen Chris Heinrich met Kenyan Hamadi Gude in University.

Hamadi and Karen Chris

Hamadi and Karen Chris

They became friends. Because of an encounter with a German couple at Diani Beach in Ukunda/ Kenya Hamadi Gude got the opportunity to come to Germany for studying. He started ist study of English/German classes at the University of Tübingen. He always kept in heart and mind his home country. After lots of dialogues about development cooperation in Africa and narratives from Hamadi about his home country the idea grew up to initiate a personal relief project. After first travels to the Dark Continent, all kinds of scaring but also hopeful encounters Initiative Leben leben e.V. arose. Because of various people who decided to DO something, the association grows and is able to start new projects again and again and therefore induce lots of little changes by lots of little steps. A fountain was built for example and the school of Jorori was repaired and expanded.    

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